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Daniel C. Castle


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Partner * Management Engineering

12 / 2016: Chief - Quality & Operations / Foreign Expert * Prime Consultancy: Management Engineering * Client: Huawei Technologies
6 / 2016: Program Lead - Integrated Supply Chain Transformation * Prime Consultancy: Accenture * Client: Huawei Technologies
1 / 2015: Principal Consultant * Prime Consultancy: Management Engineering * Various Clients
6 / 2012: VP Operational Excellence * Tata Sons (the Tata Group)
11 / 2009: VP Business Excellence - Chief Quality Officer * Tata Communications
6 / 2005: Process Excellence Program Director * Hewlett Packard Imaging & Printing Group
6 / 2002: Current Products Program Manager * Hewlett Packard Personal Laserjet Solutions
6 / 1999: Innovation / PMO Leader (various roles) * Hewlett Packard Imaging and Printing Group (IPG)
9 / 1994: Supply Chain Section Manager * Hewlett Packard Inkjet Business Unit
6 / 1993: Director Industrial Engineering / Operational Services * Jack-in-the-Box Quick Service Restaurants
Pre-1993: Engineering Manager * Eli Lilly (various Biotech [Diagnostics]/ Medical Device [In-Vitro / In-Vivo] businesses)

Operations Expert
Process Improvement Leader

Repeated delivery of major financial results through alignment of production, service, and delivery systems with strategic objectives. | Proven ability to reduce operating costs and other waste while improving both customer and employee satisfaction. | Extensive background in leading large teams in a global environment across many businesses and cultures. | Excellent technical and process mentor for large improvement engineering and consulting communities. | International Senior Leader with multi-year residential postings in both China and India. | Extensive work experience in America, India, China, Singapore, Europe and the Middle East.

Selected Achievement Highlights

۩   Drove Business Excellence for Tata Communications, a $3 billion unit of the $100 billion Tata Group. Delivered improved results, coordination, and collaboration through five verticals: Process Management, Process Control, Process Improvement, System Stewardship, and System Assessment.  As Chief Quality Officer, led Tata Communications and the Tata Group in various areas of corporate and social responsibility.  Extended Business Excellence reach across all Tata companies via promotion to the central Tata Sons organization.

۩   Delivered $500 million in cost savings and revenue enhancement to the bottom line by implementing a process improvement program for over 25,000 employees. Designed and deployed HP Lean Six Sigma across all units of Hewlett-Packard's Imaging and Printing Group, covering major plants in over a dozen world-wide locations, including China, India, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel, as well as locations all across the US. Led overall HP Lean Six Sigma design program covering an additional 100,000 employees.

۩   Managed supply chain operations for a $400 million InkJet Cartridge manufacturing facility, including procurement, planning, inventory management, documentation management, supply chain engineering, industrial engineering, technical services, and shipping.

۩   Halved manufacturing costs within six months in a mature environment by improving capacity utilization and cutting defect rates by 80 percent.

Exceptional Experience

Mr. Castle has deep multi-functional experience working within and with the world's top companies. His experience is global in nature, including years of residence in some of the planet's most vibrant emerging regions.


Top Tier Education

Mr. Castle is a Life-Long Learner and Educator with Credentials from America's Top Schools





Author / Editor

Tata Quick Reference

HP Lean Sigma Memory Jogger

APICS Operations Management Body of Knowledge Framework

Nightingale College of Nursing Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Case Study Packet (2009)

Coyote Community College Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Case Study Packet (2000)

Gemini Home Health Services Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Case Study (1998)


Inventor / Innovator

Filed Patents  *  Education

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ASQ Quality Management Division Webinar - Managing Distributed Training Communities


Hewlett-Packard Lean Six Sigma

During Mr. Castle's leadership of Hewlett-Packard's Lean Six Sigma Program, the company stock value more than doubled, significantly outperforming other users of Lean Six Sigma, all of the main Competitors of HP's Imaging and Printing Buinesses, and the Lean benchmark; Toyota.


Key Work Experiences

Mr. Castle held diverse and progressively senior roles in The Tata Group, San Diego's Life Sciences Sector and Hewlett-Packard.

Professional Activities

Mr. Castle is active in professional organizations, academia and volunteer efforts.

Innovation Leader

Mr. Castle thinks outside the box, as evidenced by innovative ideas, patents and ability to resolve crisis situations.

Trusted Advisor

As an Author and Consultant, Mr. Castle helps shape the thinking of leaders around the globe

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